What's up Luxembourg?

September 2018

Does it ever happen to you that you open your calendar and you say: What?? Day X already? Well, yes, to us it happens all the time! Time flies and now, welcoming September, summer slowly fades away. Let’s hope we’ll have what they call an Indian Summer with pleasant temperatures and lots of light before the colder months come around.

In order to make the most of September we’ve selected a few of the main events that take place in our beautiful country. As always, if you’d like us to add an event, just sent us a message via Facebook and we’ll see what we can do.

picture via visitLuxembourg 

Luxembourg’s biggest event is still ongoing and if you’ve not had the opportunity yet to walk over the Fouer, eat some 'Gromperekichelcher' and challenge yourself to go on one of the rides, you still have a couple of days left to do it. Why not test the new tram while you’re at it? The closing of this year’s Schueberfouer, with a big firework, is on Tuesday the 11th of September.


The weekend of the 8th and 9th September is quite busy with different events taking place all over the country. Let’s start with sports!

Now, after we’ve seen that in football nothing is impossible with Düdelingen entering the group phase of the Euro League, how about supporting our National Team at their first game in the so-called UEFA Nations League? You know that the presence of fans can have a profound impact on how a team performs, right? That’s why the fans are often called the 12th player and that’s why we should all consider going to cheer them on in at the Stade Josy Barthel on September 8th, 8.45 pm against Moldova. After all, the Nations League is a pre-round to qualifying for the Europe League.   

On that same Saturday there is also the Funky Donkey Festival, a music festival, in the North of Luxembourg in Clervaux. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the beautiful town in a different light.

Both on Saturday and Sunday there are the Maacher Wäinfest, a traditional yearly event which attracts people from all over the country who like wine and having a good time.

picture via their Facebook Page 

Moving up north again we have the Fête du Livre Vianden in the Castle of Vianden, a meeting point for collectors and lovers of culture and literature. Booksellers, antiquarians, collectors and publishers exhibit their works. Program: author readings, workshops, exhibitions, concerts.

Last but not least, the Butschebuerger Buergfest, a medieval festival in Düdelingen where you’ll get an insight in how people lived back in the days. It’s a festival for the entire family with a variety of minstrels, jugglers and performers showing off their skills.

picture via visitLuxembourg

The weekend after (15&16/09), it’s time for another town of the Moselle Region to host their annual wine festival: the Riesling Open in Wormeldange. The event begins with the crowning of the Rieslinger wine queen, followed by a formal dance to officially open the weekend celebrations. For the next two days, visitors can experience the local wine products and explore the wine cellars. 

picture via RieslingOpen

You’re a vintage car lover? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that on the 15&16th of September are the Old-timer days in Luxembourg, where the LOF (Lëtzebuerger Oldtimer Federatioun) is hosting exhibitions, tours and a lot of other activities all around the country. You’ll find more info on www.oldtimerday.lu.

For a couple of years now, end of September also means Nuit des Lampions in Wiltz – one of the city’s biggest events of the year - on September 22nd. The city garden of Wiltz and the adjoining streets will be illuminated with lanterns and light installations, giving them a magical feel. The installations are coupled with an original cultural program for the whole family. Curious? You can watch the aftermovie of the 2016 edition here

picture via visitLuxembourg

To end our selection, let’s turn sporty once again. No football this time, but a Half Marathon: the ING Route du Vin 2018 on Sunday 30th of September. You’re not up for the Half Marathon? Don’t worry, as in football, the athletes need some support :) So let’s go and cheer them on along the beautiful Moselle.

picture via visitLuxembourg

Have a lovely September