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Sustainable Fashion Brand


Matching the give-away today on our Facebook Page, behind door 14 of our Advent Calendar, here’s a little introduction to What Eve Wears, sustainable greek-luxembourgish fashion brand.

What Eve Wears is an ethical and sustainable handmade greek/luxembourgish fashion brand with a beautiful purpose: to dress up women with cruelty-free, transparent, emphatic clothes and accessories made with natural and organic fabrics. Women should not only feel beautiful on the outside but also be proud of wearing pieces created with awareness and respect for the environment and people.

From dresses to necklaces, all the pieces are designed by Stylianee and are made in Greece her home country. She brings together two different cultures, empowers the local market in Greece and tries to enlighten the consumer with real information about the perils of fast fashion and consumerism that is running most of the worldwide economy.

What Eve Wears is also a voice to encourage DIY activity in Luxembourg, hosting several up cycling workshops in order to show people what to do with all the unwanted clothes that are hidden in many closets in Luxembourg. You can find these kinds of events during the entire year in Luxembourg and all the information about the workshops and their schedule can be found on the official Facebook page. How about giving them a Like and supporting a local fashion brand?

They also have an online shop and a lovely Instagram Feed.

It’s all about feeling good in your clothes and supporting local fair fashion. 


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Stephanie Jabardo
Stephanie Jabardo

My name is Stephanie Jabardo, software engineer, born in '89 originally from Venezuela. I recently had the opportunity to move to Luxemboug and I'm so eager to get envolved with the culture, work areas, people, places... In general, the daily lifestyle. Through this window, let me take you on my personal journey as foreign girl discovering this beautiful country.