Top Carnival Events in Luxembourg

Where to go when and what not to miss!

Today, on the so called “Altweiberfastnacht”, always on Thursday before the Carnival weekend, the Carnival season officially begins. Especially during this weekend you will endless opportunities to celebrate carnival at parties and festivals. And above all it’s now or never to go crazy with your dresses. By the way some of the parties actually give away prices for the best costumes. So be creative and enjoy the fifth season of the year.


To give you some guidance on where to go when and what not to miss, we went through the agenda for the weekend to give you a small, but nice selection of parties and places for the Carnival weekend. Obviously it’s only a small selection and you will sure also find a party next to your home to join in the Carnival craziness.


Thursday - 23.2. – “Altweiberfastnacht”

Fun fact for this day of Altweiberfastnacht: Its origin lays in the participation of women in the Carnival festivities that were a long time ago reserved to men only. It is also seen as a pre-celebration to the actual Carnival weekend. On this particular day, women are traditionally allowed to cut off men’s ties, as a symbol of their power.

But before actually taking action, make sure your “victim” allows you to do so, otherwise you might get into trouble.


As for the parties why not check out the “Altweiberbal” at the Café “Beim Louis in Diekirch or the Hesper Altweiberbal at the Centre Civique in Hesperange. 



Friday - 24.2. – Let the Carnival weekend begin

The Carnival weekend is just around the corner, so grab your costume and head out for one of the numerous parties. Again we chose two of the bigger ones among the many, many choices:  The Fuesopening 2017 in Greiveldange with a DJ and a price for the craziest costume, as well as the "Picobello" in Hesperange with the renown live orchestra Hoffi-Zambezi.



Saturday - 25.2. – And the party continues

Today you might want to go either up north to the "Präismaskebal" in Bastendorf, including a cover band providing good music and prices for the best costumes, or go to the Moselle region for the "Musel am Dusel" in Schweidsbeng. So don’t be shy, get creative an go crazy with that costume of yours. 



Sunday, 26.2. – Time to calm down – Maybe…

If you are tired from all the Carnival partying, you might want to head to Diekrich today and enjoy the Carnival Parade, the so called Cavalcade. It marks the kick-off for the Carnival parades all over Luxembourg with almost 1800 participants. They show their colorful, creative and fun wagons and also distribute candy, gadgets and even beer. So be sure to be there right from the beginning and enjoy the jolly atmosphere.


In case you haven't had enough of the Carnival fun, you can join the Fues Fiesta in Mertzig.



After all these Carnival activities you might think that this was it, a climax of Carnival craziness concentrated in one weekend. But don’t be fouled. The celebrating continues.


Here are some highlights in March:

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