Top 5 ways to support your runner

Tips on how you can support your runner on the big day

The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is for sure one of the biggest events of the year, not only for runners, but also for supporters and visitors. Not only are there various races that you can join, marathon, semi-marathon and the team run to name only the prominent ones, but along the course supporters can enjoy animation, music and of course the excitement of the race. Thus, you for sure either participate in the race yourself, know someone who is participating or you just plan to go with friends and see the fuss.


Especially if you know somebody participating in the race, you might wonder how you can support them on the day and help them through the race. From the more obvious to a couple of less obvious ones, we have gathered tips and tricks to support your runner in the best ways ever.


1. Cheer on your runner

The most obvious is for sure to stand along the route and cheer your runner on. But, while it is for sure a bit more fun for you to stand with the crowds and enjoy the party at the same time, you actually help your runner most standing in some of the more lonely sections along the route. In the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg, these would be e.g. Limperstberg or the long run from Rondpoint Schuman to Kirchberg. Especially this section is famous for being devastating for the runners strengths and moral. It is straight, a little uphill and just lonely and boring to run. Standing in those places will help your runner through the tougher parts of the race, especially to the end and motivate them to keep going. And of course don’t forget to make it to the finish line to welcome your runner and congratulate them on their achievement. And don’t forget to be noticeable! Wear something bright e.g. or have signs with encouraging lines ready.

As an extra motivation kick, you can also become a go)) go)) boy or go)) go)) girl and run the last couple of kilometers with your runner. You can sign up on Friday, May 26th or Saturday May, 27th at the Trouble Desk at Luxexpo.




2. Pre-Race Preparation

A race is not only about actually running, but also stands and falls especially mentally with the preparation the day before. Help you runner to get ready and make sure they pack all the stuff they need for the race. Think of clothes and equipment needed for the race, food and drinks to consume before the race or even during the race. While the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is known to provide provisions along the course, your runner might want something else than water, bananas or oranges or just feels more comfortable to have snacks they know and like with them during the run. So, make sure they have what they need.




3. Prepare running music

While your runner sure knows what kind of music they like for running, you might be able to help them in compiling all the songs and put them on a device before the run. It saves your runner time and they can spend the time to prepare other stuff for the race or just chill and prepare themselves mentally for the race ahead. You can find some ideas in our article about finding the best running music.




4. After-Race Preparation

Pack a second bag for your runner that has shower items, clothes for changing and again food and drinks in it. Your runner might have a preference for what they want to have after the race, so make sure they get what they need after their remarkable effort. You might also want to think about an after-race meal, in a restaurant or at home. Try to find out what your runner feels like and make sure to prepare so that they don’t have to think about it. You might want to make a reservation or go grocery shopping beforehand.


Also just be there for your runner after the race, they might be feeling great because they attained their goals, of time, making it to the finish etc. But they also might be down, for not having accomplished what they were aiming for, having had tough moments during the race or just being exhausted by the effort. Listen to them, be empathetic and try to support them in their recovery.




5. Take pictures

Be sure to take a lot of pictures of the most memorable moments along the race, at the starting line, during the race and of course at the finish line. These will be great memories about the achievement your runner has accomplished. You might also want to take some pictures of what you have experienced off the track and the excitement around you from a spectator’s view.


Besides all the prep work and support for your runner, you can also be sure that especially during the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg you will have a great time as well. There will be many other supporters, animation, such as Samba shows in several places, especially around the Rond Point Schuman and the City Centre, but of course also at Luxexpo in Kirchberg where the start and finish is located. So, make sure to move around a bit as well and take in all the different atmospheres along the course.



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