Top 5 Tips for muscle soreness

How to get rid of that muscle pain


During my triaining phases, I have already experienced all kinds of muscle soreness. I had muscle soreness from my daily weight-lifting workouts, from doing cardio twice a day (in the early morning in a fasted state, and after my gym workouts) and from practicing my posing for the shows.


We all know that feeling sore should make us happy because we know that our workout was intense enough, but the pain we feel is just awkward. And that’s why I wanted to share my personal tips to relieve muscle soreness:


1.  Gentle stretching

When your muscles are in recovery mode, they tend to tighten up, meaning you feel sore. If you slowly and gently stretch your muscles, you will relieve that tight feeling and diffuse the pain. But don't stretch too much or too hard.


2.  Gentle workout

Two days after an intense and explosive leg workout, I mostly take a long and relaxing walk with my dog. Sitting at home on the couch and whining because of the muscle soreness won’t help us. Walking out the legs activates the blood flow in your muscles and help them to recover a little faster, ergo the muscle soreness disappears faster.


3.  Light massage

Massaging sore muscle can be very painful, I know. Thus, it helps to reduce the tightness while promoting blood flow. This will help you to speed up the recovery and shortens your muscle soreness. You can also do your own massage at home with a foam roller. I’ve tried it, and it's simply amazing. It may hurt a little at the beginning, and you may want to start with a softer one, but once you’re used to it feels like heaven.


4.  Warm bath

Just like the massage, a warm cozy bath will loosen up your muscles and improve the circulation in the muscles. A better circulation means more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flowing through your aching muscles, helping them to recover faster. 


5. Hot / Cold treatment

Apply an ice pack for 15 minutes, followed by a heat pack for another 15 minutes and do this over again. It has been shown that this treatment is highly effective in promoting blood circulation and muscle recuperation. 


Painkiller - Ibuprofen : Normally, I don’t take painkillers like Ibuprofen when I have muscle aches. I think that taking pain killers isn’t the right way to go as you’re playing your body. But I know from a lot of people that Ibuprofen, as a low-dose painkiller really helped them to decrease muscle soreness.


With all these different advices and whatever treatment you are going to pick, get back on track carefully and listen to your body!


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