Schueberfouer 2017

That Luxembourg fun fair impatiently awaited by so many

It is that time of year again – The traditional Schueberfouer is up and running again, for the 677th time to be precise! An impressive number, making the fun fair one of the oldest and yet most popular Luxembourg traditions not only among Luxembourgers, but also among people living in the Greater Region.


While some do have a love-hate relationship with the Schueberfouer, trying to avoid it if they can, others have been waiting impatiently for the opening and everything that goes with this traditional fun fair; meeting friends, going on the various rides and indulging in the yummy food.


So, what is it all about!? To go or not to go!? Here are some thoughts about the “Fouer”…


The rides

If you love rides, then you’re in the right spot. Every year there are some new ones to try and some all-time favourites to enjoy…Although there are some changes this year…


The crowds

Yes, the Schueberfouer is crowded! But, it is also THE place to meet people that you haven’t seen in a long time. You might be surprised who you will meet, maybe even a Luxembourg VIP? Wouldn’t be the first time! Oooor…You become a part of the counter trend and meet up on one of the innumberable terraces in the City Centre for your after work drink. Chances are high you even find a free space with all those people hanging around at the Fouer!;)



The food

So much yummy options from traditional Luxembourg fast food dishes, such as “Thüringer” (or whatever they might be called at your favourite stand), Gromperekiichelcher, Eisekuchen, as well as other classics such as Gyros, Churros, Bami Noodles, Pasta etc. And not to forget the baked fish. You sure won’t leave hungry!

Two tips though: Forget about your diet for that one evening or two you’ll be eating at the Fouer – The Fouer is only once a year – and second try the “galettes”, my insider tip for a healthier alternative when you’re done with all the greasy food and have to eat yet again at the Fouer!



The special days

Some have already passed, such as the inauguration, when sheep walk the grounds of the fun fair as a reminder of the beginnings of the “Schueberfouer” or the Mayor’s Day, when you get served by one of the Luxembourg Mayors in one of the restaurants. While the “Fouersondeg” and the Monday after, on Sep. 3rd and 4th sure offer a nice combo of shopping with a visit at the Fouer, the Closing Day is for sure the best day yet to come. You get to enjoy the various rides for half the price from 11.00 to 20.00 and if you stay until late you get to see the fireworks as well (starting at 22.00). Not an insider tip, but more a question of willingness and luck with the timing: Take a ride with the Ferris wheel during the fireworks and enjoy the change of perspective. Pretty sure the view of an illuminated city will be amazing!


No beginning with no end, and in that perspective the Fouer also symbolizes the end of the summer. Some believe that with the end of the Fouer, Autumn is coming with rainy, cold and cloudy weather…Or maybe we will be lucky and get one of those lovely sunny autumns that we have been getting in recent years. After the rainy, coldish summer, we sure deserve it!  


One thing is for sure though: With the end of the Schueberfouer, school starts again, meaning that students have to say good bye to the sweet doing nothing and everyone is up for major traffic jams!


This being said: Enjoy the rest of the Schueberfouer time, respectively your counter program!;)




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