Protein Coconut Macaroons

smashing baking session

What's the best thing you can do on a december afternoon, except being a couch-potatoe
watching television...? Exactly, smashing a fast and healthy baking session for the festive days.

I think that coconut macaroons are quite christmasy, but unfortunately the original ones are way
too unhealthy for us as we want to stay fit and look sexy as a fox. So I changed the recipe to a
healthier version. This is definitely one of the easiest and fastest recipes I've ever shared with you.


1. 100gr shredded coconuts
2. 2 egg-whites
3. sweetener (to taste, I didn't use sweetener)


• Beat the egg-white until stiff
• Add your shredded coconuts to your egg-white in a bowl
• If you want your macaroons to be sweeter, add some sweetener
• Mix until you get small dough-blobs
• Take a spoon to form little balls and place them on your baking tray. (Feel free to do the same thing with your hands if this is easier for you)
• Bake for approximately 10-12 minutes at 175°c until they get a golden layer

You don't need a lot of ingredients to create a healthy but festive pastry. So while other
people are serving those fatty christmasy cookies and cakes, serve those light and easy digestible
protein coconut macaroons and I reassure you that your people will love them and ask how you
made them.

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Jennifer Ries
Jennifer Ries

Jennifer, 23 years old , based in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

When I started my journey for my first bikini competition in 2014, I decided to create a virtual diary.
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