Perfect Running Outfits

How to find the perfect running outfit and what to look for

First off, let me say that I am by no means an expert when it comes to running. I go for a run occasionally as it helps me clear my mind but I’ve never really done it more seriously (apart maybe that one time 3 or 4 years ago where I participated in a 10k run).


I think the most important - when it comes to running clothes -  is not their looks, NO, but the quality and the comfort.


The Running Shoes

The shoes are the by far the most important piece of any running outfit so make sure that you get a pair that fits your feet perfectly! Let an expert explain you which shoe you & your running style need. 


The Running Accessories

Also, if you’re considering to sign up for a run and you want to start training soon, invest in a sport watch that keeps track of your heart rate and running pace. Mine is from Polar (via Amazon). Also use an app on your phone (I use Runtastic) - It helps you stay motivated and you can easily keep track of your progress!


The Running Clothes

As for the clothes - it all depends on the weather!

  • When it’s warmer you don’t need much - a pair of shorts, a sport bra and maybe a top.
  • When it’s colder, simply adapt your outfit - running leggings & a windbreaker.

I can’t tell you what brand to choose, it’s a question of taste but I really like the running clothes from Nike and Adidas. H&M has a pretty good selection as well and it’s more budget friendly. I personally like my activewear to be colourful - it’s pretty much the only time I like to wear flashy colours - but I think it’s fun!


This is all pretty basic, I know, but I do believe that a great outfit - in which you feel 100% comfortable!! - motivates you every time you put it on and thus helps you stay on track and reach your goals.


Good luck! 


P.S Maybe buy a couple of great outfits so you don’t have an excuse when the first one’s in the laundry basket! ;)



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