Marionette Festival - Tadler

organized by Rotondes

​Imagine a beautiful village in the north of Luxembourg, shut it down for cars, add creative artists with untraditional puppets and you have the Marionette Festival. This festival in Tadler is organized every 2 years by the Rotondes. 

It has been on my list for a very long time and I’ve heard a lot about it, so I was happy that this year I was finally able to experience it in person. 


So… what exactly is the Marionette Festival? As the name suggests, it is a festival, for both young and old alike, with different shows that have all one common theme: puppets (Marionette in Luxembourgish). 

The fun thing was that it weren’t only the traditional puppets you might think of but there were many different kinds made from different materials. Also, really cool, the various shows take place in private garages and barns of the people living in Tadler. 

We had a packed program: 5 shows (duration around 30-45 minutes per show).

The first show (La Main dans le Sac) was rather intimate about a guy and a plastic bag, which was his puppet. It was beautiful, funny and at times even sad. 

The second show (Deux Pierres) took us to the imaginary country Turakie where one of its citizens showed us living postcards made from things that people usually throw away. It was fun, especially for children. 

Then we went to a Luxemburgish spectacle: Ei ei ei?! This show was rather philosophical and questioned society, but of course it also had funny moments. 

The forth show (Vent Debout) was my favourite one. It was so beautiful and creative. It’s hard to describe it in words, but visually it was a masterpiece. 

Our last show was Plastic Heroes. It was a show for adults, definitely. From the subject matter (gun, war…) to the show itself. It was very well executed and thought-provoking.

It is amazing to see how the puppeteers change their voices and facial expressions during a show, how they improvise and how they try to make the public a part of their show. Their creativity and craziness really impressed me.

I’ve had a really good time so, in two years, Tadler, we meet again.

P.s. During the shows, it wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but I’ve taken a few visual memories around town to capture the general atmosphere. Some photos are from an analog throwable camera. Enjoy scrolling through. 

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