Koll an Aktioun Review


I think there is no better or more beautiful way to feed our senses and forget about the things that worry us than being in a cool place with a perfectly done boho-DIY deco, surrounded by colorful and smiley people, outstanding concerts, art creations, and delicious street food.  All this happening in the post-industrial warehouse of the Musée de l’Ardoise in Martelange. The humid North of Luxembourg is the perfect setup for the ‘festival pour tout la famille’Koll Aktioun.

It is my second time attending this spring festival and I came back home as happy as the first time! Even more, if that is possible and that due to the fact that this year there were shuttle buses to get there *angels singing*. I came back with super cool photos and new music for my playlists.

But it is Koll an Aktioun just concerts, beers and fries? 

No, it’s not! Like last year the festival offered 4 volets or main scenes.

Let’s start with the music talk.With a well-planned schedule and 3 stages, the concerts started at the opening hour with the Luxembourgish band ‘The choppy bumpy peaches’ and their neo-psychedelia rock: a perfect warm up. There was so much variety in music styles, everybody danced and enjoyed themselves. The lineup from the weekend was filled with 25 national and international artists. (You can find my highlight at the end of this article) 

Next to the music, a colorful art exposition was presented by ‘Ligue HMC’ (Luxembourg League for Children's Relief, Adolescents and Adults mentally or cerebrally disabled). On Saturday there was a closet sale (bigger and better than last year) and on Sunday there was a craft market with different exhibitors like Pinnu, Zwanzigundeins, Julie Wagner, Silver Lining or Ben & Dave’s Cookies. 

Furthermore, there were other shows during the weekend like the magic show by Braidon Morris, Rock Circus Show with Mr. Copini, The Circus unARTiq and the Caroussel which were like the shiny cherry in this art and culture canvas.

Last but not least, there were workshops and activities, for young and old, like ‘Kannerkaul’, Industrial train rides, 30km of Mountainbike, free guided tours of the Musée de l’Ardoise and some blacksmith and roofer demonstrations. You see it truly is a festival for the whole family! 

One of the goals of the festival is to promote the local producers and this year I found more products, bio wine, craft beers and street food (meat, vegetarian and also a lot of vegan options). Traditionally, on Sunday a wonderful vegan brunch was held : ‘There’s no king without a crown and no music with no sound. And then, there’s no Koll an Aktioun without a Sunday brunch’

They served homemade dishes with organic ingredients that were mainly locally sourced. All I can say: happy belly, happy heart.

Everyone enjoys this festival in its own way. Some are immersed in the music, others prefer to share the time with family or friends, and others enjoy themselves while eating and drinking! I personally enjoy the music and I must say that I loved all the concerts I saw! However I do have my TOP5 shows/artist of Koll an Aktioun ’18:

  1. The ZAP show (If you are ever having a bad day, go and check them out. I promise it will make your day better)
  2. Rilan & the Bombard (summer mood all-the-way)
  3. Ouzo Bazooka 
  4. Go Go Berlin
  5. Smiley & the Underclass

I'll be back next year! :) 

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Stephanie Jabardo
Stephanie Jabardo

My name is Stephanie Jabardo, software engineer, born in '89 originally from Venezuela. I recently had the opportunity to move to Luxemboug and I'm so eager to get envolved with the culture, work areas, people, places... In general, the daily lifestyle. Through this window, let me take you on my personal journey as foreign girl discovering this beautiful country.