Koll an Aktioun 2017 - Glint & Soul

A Festival for the whole family with its own glint and soul

The Festival “Koll an Aktioun” takes place in the location of the old ‘ardoisieres’ mines of Haut-Martelange. The location seems frozen in time, like a museum – there actually is one – that tells the story of how this metamorphic rock was exploited and turned into a fine and important product in the North of Luxembourg. The piles of this material do still wait for you; when you approach the area, you can see small rocky gray mountains and you will also feel them under your feet.



Since 2014, this site with a post-industrial atmosphere host the “Koll an Aktioun”, the Festival for the whole family. And the slogan is absolutely true! Like in the previous years, children, young people, adults, grandmas, grandpas ... and pets attended on June 3rd and 4th to enjoy good music, cultural activities, food, local products and history.



Three different ambiences have been arranged to stage the amazing musicians of the 2017 line-up. The Schieferbühn was the main stage, openair and I would call it the social space of the happening. Here you had access to food stands, drinks, the main stage and encounters of familiar faces that always happen. The staging was impeccable: Lucy Echo; Impala Ray; Birth of Joy; Afterpartees; Declan McKenna and Faut Qu'ça Crane made everyone dance. With a bit of a British-punk-scene style, the Musikstiffchen was a little more rebellious. The acts presented their shows in a cave that showed a ventilation outdoors – to name: Only two sticks; Autumn Sweater; Yalta Club; Sparkling; Dj Ralitt; Disco Dockal; The Tramps; Scenic Route to Alaska; Woman and Infidelix. Le salon, offered a little more privacy and romanticism – A “Monde proper au sein du Festival”. Reading activities, comedians, video screening and music for the senses were carried out in this livingroom styled space with carpets and dim light.



While the music sounded, cultural and recreational activities did not stop! The ARToase exhibition was open to the public during the two days showing sculptures, photography and paintings by various artists. Furthermore, visitors could also take a train tour that explained the history of slate in the region.


Of course a bit of comedy and circus could not be missed and so, Mario performed his show “Queen of the Circus” – 135 minutes of laughter to the rhythm of the legendary rock band “Queen”. Siegfried & Joy from Berlin surprised everyone with their ingenious magic show with the most fashionable song. Mr. Wilson than made surface the inner child we have all in us with simple numbers that drove us back to the most beautiful stage of life.



And in case you were wondering, no, children were not bored at all! The varied entertainement program with painting workshops, crafts and games made sure they were busy. In between the carrousel, making candles of honey and shaping their personal art on a slate rock, they were all kept busy.



On Sunday, a vegan brunch came in with the breeze on Sunday morning, offering delicious food to all attendees along with the local market offering a bunch of local and regional products.


Looking back at the two days of the event, I can say that “Koll an Aktioun” stole my heart. Real good energy, inspiration, naivety, a vibe of sharing, friendship, relaxation and freedom… as well as promoting the cultural heritage of the region and supporting reasonable consumption, encouraging recycling and good practices to take care of the environment. The perfect opportunity to spent time with family and friends without much fuss.


I am already looking forward to the next edition and to renewing the experience of a Festival combined with culture.


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