How to dress up for Fall

Find the perfect color-match

Summer is coming to an end. The colors of the trees and leaves are changing and suddenly you notice Fall is on its way. It's time to go back to school, time to go back to work, time to update your wardrobe.

But first, let's talk science. How and why do leaves change colors? This is a good question. Trees respond to the decreasing amount of sunlight by producing less chlorophyll. Eventually, a tree stops producing chlorophyll. When that happens, the carotenoid already in the leaves can finally show through. The leaves change to beautiful shades of yellow, orange and brown. That being said, let's see how you can prep for Fall season.

First of all, it's way too early to wear a coat. So think about a light jacket or a sleeveless coat, in a beautiful camel color maybe like the one I am wearing in these pictures. Here I am wearing a cotton dress, the fabric is not as light as what I would wear in the Summer and I combined it to a long sleeveless coat. It covers enough of my legs but my arms can be shown. Try to layer your clothes like a pro. Think about wearing a denim shirt on top of a tee, a cardigan over a blouse, a jacket over a shirt... Fall is the season for layering, a style that not only keeps you warm but also gives you the opportunity to finally play with fashion. There is not much to play with when the sun is shining strong in the Summer and you will be hiding under big coats this Winter. Autumn is the opportunity to play and experiment.

Then, what about the colors? After wearing pastels and bright colors all Summer, you might want something different. I would suggest to work with neutrals: black, grey, brown and camel... with a touch of gold maybe. You may have noticed that during Fall the color of the sun become a deeper richer gold so why not playing with it while dressing up. I opted for golden accessories so you can see I am combining some black and gold shoes to gold sunglasses and a black and gold bag. It works well with the black dress I am wearing and my camel coat. I opted for 3 colors which is perfect. A tip on how to buy neutrals: if you are a warm-toned you'll look best in neutrals with a warm undertone such as gold, cream and chocolate brown. If you're a cool-toned you'll look best in neutrals with a cool undertone such as crisp silver, white, grey. It's always great to know what suits you best!

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Emilie Higle

Emilie Higle is French, living between Paris, Luxembourg and New York.

She loves fashion and photography and launched in 2009 My Little Fashion Diary, a source of inspiration and style.