February - An Exciting Month

Special Days, Events and More...

February: what an exciting month! Let’s see what special days and events it has to offer, shall we?


Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

On the first Saturday of the month you are officially allowed to start your day with a bucket of Ice-Cream - how cool is that :D What is your favorite flavour? Mine is (homemade) Vanilla.




On the 5th of February in Houston Texas the Atlanta Falcons will play against the New England Patriots and Lady Gaga will headline the Halftime Show. Get ready to stay awake to watch this event! It starts at 12.30 a.m European Time.


Fifty Shades Darker

As of the 8th we can all go see the new fifty shades movie. I think it’s a must when you’ve read the books!


Valentine’s Day

14th of February - that one day a year that singles dread and (most) couples celebrate. I personally think that the day is so overrated and the prices for flowers/roses are just ridiculous. Remember to celebrate your relationship every day of the year and not only when society/businesses want you to.



Love your Pet Day

How about spoiling your pet on the 20th of February? Take your dog for a longer walk, spend some time with your cat on the couch or feed your bunny an extra carrot :)



23rd - 26th February : Where will you go out this Carnival Season? What will you wear? You still have 3 weeks to figure this out! Check out Pinterest for great costume ideas and see with your friends where you want to celebrate. Here are some possibilities: Hippique’s Bal, Fräschebaal, Musel am Dusel, Altweiber Bal Hesperange, Kavalkade Diekirch


The Oscar’s

On the 26th of February Hollywood will host the Oscar’s and this means that for you it is the perfect opportunity to go to the cinema and check out the movies that are nominated. You have amongst others La La Land, Moonlight and Hidden Figures which will all be available to watch at Utopolis Luxembourg as February moves along.



You want more exciting moments and events in February!? Check out the following:

  • A Luxembourg Tradition not to miss for kids is "Liichtmëssdag". Be prepared to hand out sweets when children ring at your door and sing "Léiwer Herrgottsblieschen". By Nadine Oliboni-Firsch (In Luxembourgish)
  • Start your week off with some relaxation! Join the Sophrology Classes organised by Rachel Vieria every Monday. By Rachel Vieira (In French)
  • For some more culture visit the Expo "The Cuban Revolution" at the Galerie Clairefontaine. A must according to Paulo Lobo. (In Frnech)

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