Castles and Ice

When Winter arrives in Luxembourg

It has been really cold lately in our little Grand-Duchy...A great time, believe it or not, especially to get some awesome pictures of nature in its frozen outfit. A greta time to stroll around some of the most beautiful and picturesque spots in Luxembourg and be amazed by the atmosphere on a cold, sunny Sunday afternoon...

See all the pictures from Sunny's adventure here...

About the author

Sunny @ MyOchrasy

6 years ago Sunny had this idea to create a blog. The initial concept was easy: a picture a day.

With Instagram and Facebook, this concept doesn’t seem relevant anymore. But still, Sunny likes to spam her blog with all kind of pictures because taking pictures is like a therapy for her. Sunny likes to capture the beauty in everything she sees and everywhere she goes. She likes the small details, the beauty in random and daily objects and everything that could possibly inspire her. She loves going to different kinds of festivals and events in Luxembourg and visually document it with her camera.