Breaking Bad - Pumpkin edition

You know that moment, that tiny little split second, in which you get an idea? It can be anywhere, anytime. This happened to my very creative friend, Danielle. Some weeks ago when she was about to cook a pumpkin inspired dish she had an idea an called me.
At the end of the day the pumpkin did end up in a dish, but only after we took it out on a ride to the north of Luxembourg and had a fun photo session!

It turned out bad and evil - Breaking Bad Style. 


Beware of pumpkins! And happy Halloween!!


Here are the pictures we shot:


Concept and creation: Danielle Ries from @elle_nie_da on Instagram

Photography: Sunny from


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Sunny @ MyOchrasy

6 years ago Sunny had this idea to create a blog. The initial concept was easy: a picture a day.

With Instagram and Facebook, this concept doesn’t seem relevant anymore. But still, Sunny likes to spam her blog with all kind of pictures because taking pictures is like a therapy for her. Sunny likes to capture the beauty in everything she sees and everywhere she goes. She likes the small details, the beauty in random and daily objects and everything that could possibly inspire her. She loves going to different kinds of festivals and events in Luxembourg and visually document it with her camera.