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Review on 10 days of movies from across the globe

And it’s a wrap. The Luxembourg City Film Festival is over. But the marks it left aren’t. For 10 days, we were able to live in movies and the world of cinema. Here is something I love about movies: they can take you to other places and other times. But they are also visual poems that make you feel things.


This year, I started my journey by going to Israel and be part of one day in the life of grieving parents in the visually breath-taking and intense movie Foxtrot. Then I went to Spain in a church camp and laughed for almost 2 hours with the musical movie Holy Camp. Usually movies during a festival are intense, with heavy subject matters. But this movie broke from that scheme. Nevertheless, it was intelligently done and at the same time very funny. I could also have a glimpse of the revolution in Egypt and its consequences and all this through the eyes of a young adult in the documentary Amal. A touching story of growing up and resisting in an environment of violence.



On Sunday my movie-journey took me to Hungary and I saw how a woman was exploited in a household. This documentary was at times difficult and painful to watch. We often don’t like to think about subjects like human trafficking because it is painful. But documentaries like “A woman captured” give voices to the survivors and it’s important to acknowledge the existence of modern day slavery, even in our countries. The director of the documentary was present and after the screening there was a Q&A. It is always interesting to hear how a movie-maker proceeds to make a movie like this, where they have access in people’s houses and show the most vulnerable but also the most disgusting parts of our society.


Next destination was Morocco with the movie Razzia. It tells the story of various people in Morocco and the effects of radicalisation in their lives. Personally, I didn’t like the movie very much. For me there were just too many stories and the movie seemed a bit one-sided and not enough nuanced. Tuesday I went to London in a time where women had to fight harder to get a place in society: I saw Mary Shelley and her struggles. Madame Hyde took me to our neighbouring country France and it centres around a shy high-school teacher. Subject matters like education are in the centre of this funny drama.



I ended my movie journey in USA with the new Gus Van Sant movie “Don’t worry he won’t get far on foot”. It’s the kind of movie where you cry and laugh and everything in between. It’s about struggling and overcoming. I really liked the acting, the subject matter and the cinematography.


Between the movie, the volunteering and taking photos, I also tried the virtual reality experience called Separate Silences which was very interesting. You don’t only see 360° but the touch-sense is also activated. It’s an interactive movie.  And then there were the two expositions: Pitch in Rotondes (movie posters of movies that don’t exist yet) by various Luxembourgish artists and the John Howe exposition in Cercle about the world of Lord Of The Rings. I also went to the crazy Cinematographe (for kids) and the masterclass with Atom Egoyan which was so interesting and inspiring. I also attended the opening party and the closing award ceremony. It felt a little bit like the Oscars.



I love the Luxembourg City Film Festival. It’s exciting and you get to immerge in this beautiful world of moving images taking you places and making you feel things. Now all we got to do is wait for the 2019 dates and then start booking our tickets.


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