A dash of summer

have you tasted

all the freebies

she gives?


delicacies served 

daily on golden plates

laid out on soft green beds, 


just for you


flavours of dew

wrapped in soil

mirroring wispy clouds

teasing your toes


of course you realise!


you do so, 


and night

your senses


swim across town,

you relish

warm season's

sprinkles on your skin,

ravishing sounds

of jazz,

echoing laughter

into sizzles of time


a frenzied you


a frenzied you

savouring every o’clock

About the author

Karina Fiorini
Karina Fiorini

Karina (b.1982) wrote her first poem at the age of twelve, but was reprimanded by her teacher when she found out that the poem had some sexual connotations. Alas she does not have a copy of it any longer! She still continued to write though and more fervently since 1997. After gaining academic insight into the environmental world at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, she is now reading for a BA English with Philosophy. Last year, between April and October 2014 she co-organised poetry readings in Malta entitled 'Bleeding Fine Lines'. In January 2014 three poems were exhibited as part of a collective exhibition by the Malta Women in Business. A year earlier, the poem Ruts achieved the third place in an international Canadian competition, while Bare Hands Poetry, an online journal published Warded Off in 2012. As from this year she has been organising the Luxembourg Poetry Group

Photograph by Kenneth Borg www.borgkenneth.com