5 Tips to Boost your Productivity in Spring

Why the spring season is the “opportunities season”

Spring could easily be the favorite season for people, for the simple fact that it feels like an awakening, a rebirth or a new start. If the year could start with spring, I am sure it would turn out to be a completely different year!


Entering spring feels like coming from a quiet state of mind caused by winter. We spent much time at home, we wear a lot of layers of clothing and we are literally thinking “I don’t want to move at all”! And yes, this entire struggle affects us emotionally – it also feels like our ideas and actions are on hold, with a really slooow fluidity.


But then, wise Mother Nature shows up with the spring equinox at the end of March and turns on the light – in the sky and in our bodies, starting a new blooming cycle for the flowers and for us as well. We start to take off layers, we feel dynamic and lighter, like we were able to move beasier (finally). The good weather seems to come with an extra set of batteries for us, the days get longer, we get more natural light, the restaurant terraces are setting up, fresh beverages are offered (yes!) and we see those pinky / orange sunsets again that we missed so much: I-n-s-p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n! 



So ideas start to flourish, we are in a really good mood, with the desire to work on things, projects… We are more receptive, open to change, solutions, and opinions. We are ready to revisit all those things that we planned at the beginning of the year. Same as we might plant flowers, trees and fruits, let’s plant our seeds of determination, discipline, and effort and let our productivity spring!


Every person is different when we talk about “being productive”. For some people it is a piece of cake to put hands on and get work done, but there are also people loving the procrastination zone and facing the dead line hoping that this is where creativity comes from… (NOPE).


Let's take advantage of this spring energy boost and the good mood with 5 tips to improve your productivity or at least, start to work on it.


1. Focus on your goal

This bit is hard – we all know it. In the beginning we are motivated, but motivation wanes over time. We get caught up, stuck, frustrated, overloaded, overworked, distracted and unmotivated. So, if you plan to stay focused, anticipate your time-wasters and get things done easier. There are so many different methods to help you retain your focus. Most importantly write down your goals – a classic – so that you can see on paper what you want to achieve and how you are going to work on it.


Be an effective manager of your time: Manage short-term crises and problems right away, focus on your long-term strategic goals, and avoid distractions and interruptions. With an easy 15-minute concept you can limit waste of time and avoid procrastinating: Do an activity related to your goal for 15 minutes and set an alarm. After 15 minutes you can choose to keep going or to stop. Usually you will want to keep going, but if you don’t, you can move on to something else and are not going to procrastinate. Also remember that taking on habits takes time. So be patient with yourself.



2. Know yourself

Make it a habit to ask yourself what makes you resentful and give up on those things. Try to find your own rhythm. Basically know yourself, do what works best for you and focus on those things. That’s the secret of what enables some people to work so hard and get things done.



3. Share your ideas and present your projects

Sharing ideas and presenting projects!? Why!? Well, you might be able to help someone else as well. Someone out there might benefit from at least one of your ideas. Speaking your ideas out loud and getting feedback also helps you to stay focused and to reinforce your ideas within yourself. One way to get there is to meet like-minded people and make friends – you’d be surprised how many like-minded folks are looking to make connections. Also, you can watch and follow up on how you progress with your project over time.



4. Get things done

Sounds not so easy!? But it can be! Whatever activity or task you set up for a particular day, week or even month, get it done. Build a plan around what you need to get done by what time and stick to it! Don’t be overwhelmed by too many big steps, also small tasks count and especially getting done those will keep you motivated and get you to your finally goal eventually. They also give you a kick of motivation and enthusiasm when you don’t have so much time to work on your project or don’t feel like working on it at some point.



5. Networking

Networking sessions, yes! Because exposure to spring sunlight increases the hormone serotonin in your brain, which makes you feel happy. So basically everybody is in a better mood and more ready to meet new people and looking out for those that can contribute in reaching goals and being incorporated in projects. So when going to a networking event, don’t forget your business card and prepare some questions to start an easy conversation, e.g. How did you hear about this event? What do you think about this event? How did you decide to do what you do? How can I be helpful for your project?



You can apply these tips to any job and activity, at a company or even at home with your family, e.g. to have a home management where every family member has activities and responsibilities for the housekeeping.


Remember “Get busy with your projects in spring – seize your opportunities!” Life is brief, even at its longest. So, whatever you are going to do, get at it now!


Happy Spring season!


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