A Luxo-Greek Clothing Line all about Knitwear

Stylianee, the creative mind behind What.Eve.Wears., describes her fashion as “Feel Good Fashion”, fashion that makes you feel good from the inside and the outside as she puts it. Sounds good, right!?


The best part, her fashion is not only super comfy and fashionable, no it is also ethical and sustainable. What that means!? It means that all the fashion items are designed in Luxembourg by Stylianee and produced in Greece, her country of origin. Transparency, Empathy and Free from Cruelty are the key words that dominate throughout the creative and production process at What.Eve.Wears. When choosing companies and people to partner up with, Stylianee especially looks for e.g. ateliers protégés or women in a sensitive situation that need the work most. The fabrics used, like cotton, linen and other natural fabrics are all organic



What.Eve.Wears. to make women feel chic and comfortable at the same time with clothing simply made with Love and Respect!


By the way, Sunny had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the new collection during her photoshoot at Kirchberg a couple of weeks ago. See all the pictures here


To know more…

If you want to know more about Stylianee and her fashion line, visit whatevewears.com.


To meet Stylianee and get a grasp of her work and ideals, participate in her UP!Cycle your t-shirt workshop. Transform your old clothes into something you are happy and proud to wear again.

On Sunday, February 19th. @ OUNI - 55, Rue Glesener – Luxembourg-City. From 14.30 – 16.30


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