Spring’s Top 5 by Steph

Go out, dare to wear bright colours and enjoy!

“Spring is not only for flowers. Sprout your self”

Oh, beautiful Spring season! When we all feel that blissful power of taking off clothes layers that were already weighing on us, suffocating our ideas and limiting our movements.


We all know what we want to do in Spring and it seems to be similar to a movie scene, where the main  character opens the arms to the sky, walking with little happy jumps, smiling, getting an extra dose of vitamin D and glowing. But let’s get back to reality, we are not going to do this. Well, maybe in our heads... But we do enjoy the spontaneous smiles and the good vibes around us, because we can all feel it – Spring!


All of that is why I came up with the idea of showing you 5 things you should try this spring. They are probably not a big revelation and life changing, but I bet they will still make your spring days just a bit more… lovely. ;)


1. Dare to wear red garment

Like me, some people might find it extremely difficult to get out of their comfort zone of “safe”, neutral colours. But let me tell you something, I believe that red is just another neutral colour, just a bright one! And yes, maybe in the beginning you will look yourself in the mirror saying ‘No way, this is not for me’. So just start with something small, like a pair of socks, or an under-t-shirt… or just don’t look in the mirror, go out and see how your people react: nothing bad is going happen! On the contrary! You are going to shine!

Or you can just be brave and jump over that wall, like I did, wearing an outfit completely in red. It truly pulled me out of my comfort zone! Anyways, you can always prepare for a plan B as well!


Photo by: Jhonny Lemarquis


2. Prepare your homemade fresh drinks

Refresh that body of yours in a natural and healthy way. Keep up the workouts you’ve started, stick to your plan and have a refreshing drink. You can try my recipe below or create your own refreshing drink, which will be, I am sure, delicious as well!


Recipe for what I call “Spring Natural Soda”:

  • 1 bottle of Rosport Blue
  • Coconut water
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Raspberries
  • Clementine
  • Grapefruit
  • Mint

The quantities of the listed ingredients will depend on how much you would like to prepare and how sweet or sour you like your drink. Of course you can also add some Gin or Vodka for a fresh cocktail at your next party!


A bomb of vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes


3. A colourful and tropical snack

Do you know Plantain!? That tropical and versatile fruit!? As chips or bites with fresh vegetables on top it’s super easy to prepare and to eat. You can serve the bites hot or at room temperature.


First step: Peel your plantain and cut it into pieces (approx. 4 cm each). Fry them for 2 minutes in boiling oil. After that take them out and crush them to form a sort of paddy. Fry them again for a perfect look.


Second step: Choose the vegetables you like most, cut them up and put them on top. You can add some salsa, hummus, or what I personally like best - Guacamole! My choice of vegetable was led by their beautiful colour and the springy feel they add to the plate!



4. Outdoor activities

How about joining one of numerous outdoor events that are coming up in the next couple of weeks!? A fun one that I like very much is the “Duckrace”! Why, because what the organisers describe as “A fun and friendly moment coupled with a charity gesture”. You can find more information here… 


Or, if you are more the sporty type, join the Mullerthal Trail Season Opening on May 6th, involving “122 kilometres of magnificent valley trails”. Sounds like fun as well!



5. Music with Spring tones

Finally, it is also all about the right music. If you are one of those persons who disconnect and find inner peace with a pair of headphones and the right playlist. Then this music compilation is what you need for nice weather and strolling around.



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Stephanie Jabardo

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