Review: E-Lake Release Festival

When music meets Spring Break

The “Foire de Printemps” is one of those spring events that has been on the Luxembourg event calendar since I remember.  Now it’s called “Springbreak”, in the effort to attract a younger audience. You will still find the classic stands but also art-exhibitions, concerts and food trucks. This year for instance, “Spring Break” welcomed the E-Lake Release Festival, including several Luxembourgish bands and musicians with new releases. As a reminder: The E-Lake Festival is a music festival in summer near the lake in Echternach.


The evening started slow with “All Reitz Reserved”, which consists of a guy and his electronic violin. It was perfect to set the mood. The second band I saw was “The Tame and the Wild”. Contrary to “All Reitz Reserved”, with a single guy on stage, this act consisted of multiple people playing different instruments. Their indie-folk music really made people dance and jump around. Lastly, I saw “Seed to Tree”, one of my favourite Luxembourgish bands. This all boy-group of musicians is getting more and more famous. You could also see this at the festival, just because the guys had a fairly big number of fans dancing and singing to their music, also indie-folk pop. Personally, I think what attracts people to their music is the simplicity of it. No big lightshow or dance numbers. Just 4 guys playing their music with lyrics that people can relate to.


All in all, it was a nice pre-festival which showcased some Luxembourgish talents, some known, some less known. But no one can say that Luxembourg doesn’t have good music because it sure does!


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