Luxembourg City Film Festival 2018

10 days of discovering the world of cinema

Beautiful and thought-provoking movies in cosy cinemas: ideal for this time of the year. Luckily, the Luxembourg City Film Festival is around the corner, starting on February 22th. Which means 10 days of discovering the world of cinema: from long awaited new movies, to meeting the people behind the camera, to chatting about this world of image with fellow movie goers or people working in the field, to cinema related exhibitions, all with a little bit of glamour.


I assistes at the official press conference for the Luxembourg City Film Festival and got a glimpse of Vicky Krieps and of course the Festival program…


In this year’s edition there are 10 movies in the official competition. These movies have mostly contemporary subjects and from what I have seen, they seem visually beautiful. There are also movies made in/with Luxembourg: for instance “Gutland” with the wonderful Vicky Krieps. An international jury will have the pleasure to binge watch these movies and select the winners. And the president of the jury is no other than the acclaimed director Atom Egoyan from Canada.


Moving on to the next category: documentaries. There are 6 documentaries in the official competition. The category has its own jury. Again, the subjects of these movies seem to be dealing with issues of today’s world. Beside the young audience categories, there are of course all the out-of-competition features. The opening movie is none other than the Oscar-nominated “The Breadwinner” (a Luxembourgish co-production). Wes Anderson’s new movie “Isle of Dogs” will close these 10 days of cinema-craziness. The movie I am most looking forward to is “Don’t worry he won’t get far on foot” by Gus Van Sant whose Elephant is in my opinion a masterpiece.


Besides the movies, there will be a lot of events going on in Luxembourg in relation to the cinema world. You can find the complete program of movies and events on 


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