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Rosportlife is a Luxembourgish blog, created by Sources Rosport, for everyone who likes to write but does not have the time to run a blog himself/herself. Blog topics go from sports to food, to culture… to almost anything you want ☺

How does it work? You let us know that you’re interested via so we can arrange a time for a phone call. We’ll talk about your ideas, about our ideas and about what we can do for you. Then, once you’ve decided you want to write your first article, you start by sending us a brief introduction of yourself which will be visible at the end of your articles. Every time you finish an article (including minimum 3 pictures), you’ll send it to us so we can reread and publish it for you. 

Sounds good so far? Below you can find a question and answers part which we think might be helpful. You have other questions? Drop us a message via our Facebook Page or send them via mail and we’ll get right back to you. 

Will you give me the topics to write about? Yes and No. We have different hot topics throughout the year (for example Winter Wonderland, Summer in Luxembourg, Coup de Coeur) which we'll provide before we roll them out. Sometimes this inspires people to write articles that fit into that topic. However, we see this as inspiration, so if you have a different topic (which might not fit into the general one) feel free to share it with us! The aim is to create a fun, interesting blog with stories and tips which people can relate to. 

Will you have a deadline for your articles? No ☺ All we ask is that you talk to us about your topic before you start putting it to paper (/screen) in order to avoid having the same one twice for example. 

Will you have to write a certain amount of articles per month? No, if you have ideas and time to write every month, perfect! If you have months where you won’t be able to blog due to work, holidays or lack of ideas, you don’t have to send in anything. Writing should be (and stay being) fun! ☺

In what language should the articles be written? As we like to check the articles before we put them online you can decide between the four following languages: Luxembourgish, English, German or French. 

What do you get for sharing your stories?  That is up to you! :) We offer 2 different small thank you packages & you can choose what works best for you. 

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