5 am shoot

A project of 3 Rosportlife Bloggers

5 am. A crisp, blue Sunday morning. Luxembourg City filled with empty streets, full of memories of a Saturday night. It felt electric, mysterious, apocalyptic. Trash lying around… a reminder of a wild night and people partying. It felt like you could almost hear the music and their laughter. The light was perfect! It made not only for a good background but also for a good atmosphere. All this made it worth waking up at 4 am.

picture by Paulo Lobo 

How did we come up with this project? 

Paulo, a fellow photographer, Stephanie, an awesome model and myself (all three of us are Bloggers for Rosportlife by the way) have been wanting to collaborate for a while now. Paulo had the idea of the both of us shooting Stephanie in our own photography style. A couple of weeks ago, we finally managed to put this little project into reality and met up on this early Sunday morning in question. 

The picture in my head revolved around the empty city streets. The Blues and Jazz rally event, which took place the night before and left the streets with the remnants of drinks and food brought, in my opinion, a special post-apocalyptic feel to the streets. 

At 5 am, we met up at the Gelle Fra and started to walk through the beautiful deserted capital city of Luxembourg. We found little treasures in different corners and made sure to capture them. Our way let us from the upper city to the Grund, from where we then took the elevator back up and ended up at the Gare, our final destination. Throughout it all, we watched the sun come up, crossed partygoers finding their way home and took a lot of pictures. Before going home, back to sleep, we’ve had a coffee to finish this project while laughing about our craziness. We’ve had a really fun time despite the early wake-up call. 

There are certainly some challenges when there are two photographers taking part in one and the same shoot. I found it for example difficult not to “copy” or be “influenced” by Paulo’s visions. Stephanie, for her part, tried to give us different angles and poses so we would have different photos. The shoot was an interesting challenge for all of us but interesting in a good way! It was quite a unique and fun experience. 


Here is a selection of both our work: 

Early Bird by Paulo (which I think is a beautiful visual poem):

Acting like a storm by me:

last picture by Paulo Lobo 

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Sunny @ MyOchrasy

6 years ago Sunny had this idea to create a blog. The initial concept was easy: a picture a day.

With Instagram and Facebook, this concept doesn’t seem relevant anymore. But still, Sunny likes to spam her blog with all kind of pictures because taking pictures is like a therapy for her. Sunny likes to capture the beauty in everything she sees and everywhere she goes. She likes the small details, the beauty in random and daily objects and everything that could possibly inspire her. She loves going to different kinds of festivals and events in Luxembourg and visually document it with her camera.