End of August… Summer is almost over. As we are getting ready for beautiful the leaves to turn into all the beautiful fall colours and we are slowly taking our sweaters out from the back of the closet, let’s have a last visual walk through a hot summer day, spent in the north of Luxembourg.

Beginning of August, Stephanie and I drove up to the beautiful Eislek looking for a sunflower field which would serve as perfect back drop for a photo session. Along the way, we picked up a friend who was our guide for the day as knows the region a little better than we do.

It’s funny, Luxembourg is such a small country but every time I drive up north I feel like I am in another country. The scenes, the air, the people; everything seems different to what I am used to - even though it’s just a 45-minute drive away from where I live. We packed some snacks, put on some music and took beautiful roads. It almost felt like a little holiday road trip.

We found the sunflowers, and even though they suffered a little from the heat wave and drought in Luxembourg throughout July and August they were still beautiful and made the long drive worth it.

We also made some others stops, suggested by our Eislek-guide, soaked up the sun, enjoyed the nature and of course, we took lots of photos (film and digital), which you can see here. Enjoy ✿ ✿